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İstanbul City Guide 1934 & Burgaz Island Google Map 2020

I commemorate Refik Halid Karay with respect on his birthday. I present to you the map of Burgaz Island from the 1934 Municipality City Guide mentioned in the column post below and the google maps that my researches and collection can be visited virtually. I wish you a pleasant tour during the quarantine days.

After that, every collection piece I share will be marked on the maps simultaneously with my articles.





How about the fact that Istanbul, which has been winning many new roads, parks, squares, boulevards, cornices and so on for eight years, does not have a brand new map, or rather a plan for the traveler. American sailors, who came to our city last week, wandered through the streets only with commanders, volunteer guides, many of them coming, "whatever it is, wherever it comes to us!" We have not seen anything similar to the map in the hands of any of them. Tomorrow, they meet visitors who are expected to increase in proportion to the settlement of the peace; they stuck. It is also a forgetfulness not to distribute a small English-printed map to be used by the municipality in 1939.

Istanbul, which we want to increase its touristic nature, needs a perfect tourist map, even until the fifth centennial conquest. Although it is better to have these maps in a Guide that will satisfy the foreigner, it should also be sold without a guide and very cheaply. I can say that we can use these maps as much as travelers. The Istanbul City Guide, printed by the municipal administration at that time with the help of the valuable Mr. Osman Ergin in 1934, does not leave with my desk. I either look at street names or maps, and find what I am looking for. Even for the oldest and curious Istanbulites in a huge city like Istanbul, there is always something new to ask and learn. For example, the other day I heard from the ear that a dude was sitting in a place called "Stone exit". In this guide, I first looked at the street names, then the sign, and looked at the position on the map, I believed that I would find it as if I had put it in my hand.

Şu var ki elimizdeki o kıymetli eser bir tek kağıt liraya satıldığı halde varlığı bazılarınca henüz meçhuldür; ahalimiz şehir plan ve haritalarından faydalanmağa henüz iyice alışmamıştır. Diğer taraftan İstanbul Şehir Rehberi tam turistik bir eser değildir. Yabancıdan ziyade yerlinin ihtiyacını gidermeğe yarıyabilir. Bu itibarla ecnebilere de elverişli, son usullere uygun ve pratik bir İstanbul haritasının vücuda getirilmesi işini pek uzağa atmamalıyız.

Akşam, 11 Nisan 1946

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