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Çekül Foundation

I attended the event organized as part of the Library Week of the Çekül Foundation as a speaker to tell about my Burgaz island archive through ephemera. They say that the first live broadcast is not a sin ... Despite the sainthood of the internet, it was a very enjoyable conversation. After the conversation, congratulations, physical and digital donation suggestions from everyone who followed my project made me very happy and demonstrated the importance of such events. And when I received the news of 7 Saplings to be planted in our name from Çekül Foundation, I was very touched. As a Burgaz islander who lost many of his trees as a result of negligence, I receive this very meaningful gift on behalf of everyone who contributed to my archive in Burgaz island. I would like to thank the Çekül Foundation and everyone who contributed for the event organized and kind gift.

Event Poster
7 Saplings to be planted, kind gift from Çekül Foundation

Not: Yazının harita işaretlemesini 12 Ağustos 2019 yangınında kaybettiğimiz Burgazada İndos Mevkii'ndeki ağaçların yerine yaptım/diktim.

''Bir Arşiv Oluşturmak: Efemeralar Üzerinden Burgazada Örneği'' adlı etkinliği izlemek için bağlantı:

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